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Introducing the IZI Sky 4K 20MP CMOS 1/3.06 Camera Drone – a cutting-edge aerial companion designed for unparalleled performance. Equipped with a 360° obstacle avoidance system and a state-of-the-art 3-axis gimbal, this drone ensures smooth and stable footage capture in stunning 4K resolution. Enjoy seamless transmission up to 5 kilometers, unlocking a new realm of exploration.


Engage in cinematic vertical shooting with ease, thanks to precision hovering technology. With 10+ flying modes, this drone offers versatile flight experiences tailored to your preferences. The inclusion of GPS technology ensures accurate positioning, while the Return to Home feature guarantees a safe and hassle-free journey back.


Maximize your flight time with the dual batteries, providing an impressive 64 minutes of uninterrupted airborne adventure. Elevate your aerial photography and videography game with the IZI Sky 4K, where innovation meets efficiency for a truly immersive drone experience.

IZI Sky 4K

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